Ridesharing companies, such as Uber, have established themselves as leading transportation services. Millions of people take Uber trips every single day across the nation, and globally. In fact, many people prefer to take a quick Uber ride over other forms of transport. But all too often, people forget that just because they are in an Uber vehicle, doesn’t mean the risks of a serious collision aren’t present. When compared to a typical car accident, rideshares can be more complex to handle. This is mainly because rideshare companies try to deflect liability so they won’t have to pay a settlement amount to victims. 

Is it possible more than one party is involved in the accident?

There are several factors that can contribute to an Uber accident. In many auto accidents, there are two drivers involved and insurance coverage that is basically set at a fixed amount. But in Uber accidents, the amount of insurance coverage will vary on the circumstances of the crash. If you were hurt in an Uber accident, you need someone with knowledge that can be used for your best interest, such as an uber accident lawyer Winder GA residents trust at Norris Law. Because of the extent that Uber may go to to avoid liability, having a lawyer intervene may be needed. After a case evaluation, your lawyer can inform you whether the following parties should be involved in your accident case:

  • The Uber driver
  • Other Uber passengers
  • Pedestrians
  • Car manufacturer
  • Non-rideshare motorists
  • Passengers in non-ridesharing vehicles
  • A city, county, or other municipality

How is liability determined in an Uber accident?

If you sustained serious injury due to the Uber accident, then to recover damages for your injuries and other losses, you will have to show who is at-fault. Rideshare claims are different compared to standard accidents, especially if the person responsible is the Uber driver themselves. Based on Uber’s group insurance policy, they will only provide compensation in an accident in very specific situations. The Uber driver may have their own insurance, but they may not have coverage that includes passengers who were in the vehicle when the crash happened. Determining liability will entail showing evidence that supports the victim’s claims, but due to how complex these cases are, may require some strategy from a lawyer too.

Uber crashes can be complicated accidents to handle, particularly if the victim is not getting the compensation they need to recover. What was initially a quick ride from one location to another may have turned sour the moment the crash happened. Victims must remember that Uber and insurance companies are still for-profit, and may not be as concerned as they should be about a victim’s health. No one should have their day turned upside down simply because they needed a swift transport from one place to another. Uber accident victims may be entitled to monetary restitution for medical care, property repair or placement, being out of work, and other losses that shouldn’t come out of their own pocket.