What Damages Can I Recover for a Bicycle Accident?

After being injured in a bicycle accident there are many damages that you can include in your legal claim for compensation. From medical bills, to lost wages, and more, you deserve to be compensated after your bicycle accident injury, and an experienced bicycle accident lawyer can help you with your legal claim. Your lawyer can explain your options and help you determine what damages you can include. Meeting with a lawyer is not a commitment to submit a lawsuit but gives you an opportunity to evaluate your options and make an informed decision about how to move forward. Don’t hesitate to call a law firm today to start the discussion and get answers to your legal questions. 

This list of damages is not exhaustive, but it is intended to give you some ideas of items that you should be keeping track of and documenting for your case. 

Lost Wages

Your lost wages from your bicycle accident could be substantial, and you may be able to recover some of it with your legal claim. Your lawyer can explain how to determine your lost wages and how much to include it in your case. Beginning to document the days you missed will be helpful to your lawyer when evaluating your total lost wages. 

Damage to Person or Property

Your medical bills should be added up and included in your legal claim, and you can get the detailed list of your medical expenses from all of the medical offices you’ve received treatment from. Your lawyer can assist you with assembling them and ensuring none of them are missed, as well as expenses associated with your medical treatment, such as gas for driving to appointments. Another area of damages to consider is the damage to your property, like your bicycle and any other equipment that was damaged as a result of the accident. 

Pain and Suffering

When it comes to pain and suffering documentation will be key in proving how you felt throughout your accident and recovery. You can document pain and suffering by gathering a list of your injuries and associated treatments, keeping a journal, a list of your pain medications, therapy appointments, and more. These are some ideas to keep in mind to help show with evidence how you’ve suffered from this accident. 

Call a Lawyer Today

Whatever the circumstances of your accident and injuries, it is recommended that you speak with a bicycle accident lawyer, like from the Burton Law Firm, about the details of your situation to get more information on whether you should consider pursuing a legal claim. It is better to call sooner rather than later, because waiting could limit some of your options and make it more difficult to get all of the compensation that you deserve for having to endure this accident and the resulting injuries. Call a law firm today to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer and get the answers you need to your legal questions.