Seeking Compensation for Boat Accidents

When people rent or purchase boats, they don’t usually expect an accident to happen. Many people get boats so they can party and enjoy warm weather out on the water with loved ones. Sadly, a fun trip can rapidly turn sour if there is an accident. Victims of boat wrecks may suffer financial loss and physical anguish due to injuries. If you or someone you love was involved in a boating accident, we suggest obtaining legal representation by meeting with an attorney. They can help you figure out who was at-fault for what happened, and how you can seek compensation in order to recover.

Running the Boat Aground

Grounding can be embarrassing for boaters, who didn’t anticipate approaching ground. Rarely does a boater not see the shore coming, so it is more often that boaters missed the signs that a sandbar area is nearby. Perhaps the boater was distracted, drunk, or hadn’t received official boating training. The sudden stopping from colliding with ground can cause passengers to be thrown off the boat or slammed against a hard surface on the boat structure. Victims of boat accidents due to grounding may suffer from broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, whiplash, facial wounds, and much more.

Boat Fires

A fire igniting on board a boat is rare, but can happen especially if there is a cracked fuel tank. For example, if there is a fuel leak and drenches the carpet of the boat with fuel, a passenger who lights a cigarette or uses a match can cause the boat to become engulfed in flames. If there was a boat fire and you suffered injuries or severe burns, let your attorney know immediately. They can investigate what happened to see if perhaps the boating company is responsible for the fire due to poor boat maintenance.

Speeding and Driving Recklessly

Boat drivers can get too excited and carried away with having a good time. Speeding may be tempting, but is never a good idea. Speeding can increase the likelihood of crashing into other boats, losing control and hitting land, and tossing passengers overboard. Boat drivers who had been drinking may become more reckless when operating the boat, and may swerve suddenly back and forth to joke around with passengers. However, this type of playing around can take a turn for the worse if someone gets harmed.

In the best of circumstances, a boat driver acts responsibly and with safety in mind at all times, even if that means putting a damper on the party. Nothing is worth risking passengers getting hurt. Do not hesitate to take action if you were part of a boating accident. An attorney can understand how gut-wrenching it may be to sue the driver of the boat if he or she was someone you trusted. However, your health and finances come first. So let an attorney help you set things right. Call today.

Source: Personal Injury Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, Rasmussen & Miner

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