There are thousands of tax fraud cases that occur each year and are investigated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While it is not common, being accused of tax fraud is serious, as it can result in criminal prosecution. It is possible to resolve a tax fraud accusation without suffering the worst consequences, but you must know what to do. It is crucial that you also know what critical mistakes to avoid so you don’t get into further trouble that could worsen your situation. As a tax fraud lawyer like one from Crepeau Mourges can elaborate on, know the following mistakes so that you can deal with accusations of tax fraud smoothly. 

Ignoring The Notice

The first thing that you should do if you receive a letter from the IRS accusing you of tax fraud is to take action right away. If you ignore the notice, you will make your situation worse. You must address it immediately so you can begin the steps to correct any mistakes or misunderstandings. The IRS always investigates cases of tax fraud thoroughly, so you have to treat it as a serious matter. 

Lying to the IRS

One of the things you should not do when you are dealing with a tax fraud accusation is lie to the IRS. That will not help your case and may result in even more penalties levied against you. Many people often panic and lie to the IRS because they think it can help them avoid the worst consequences. The best thing that you can do is come clean and admit to any mistakes or explain purposeful actions you have made.  

Falsifying Your Documents

Making incorrect changes to your documents can put you in more trouble. It is never a good idea to falsify your documents, even if your intentions are good. Falsifying any documents counts as lying. It’s also important to keep in mind that other people such as tax professionals who have handled your tax returns and other sensitive financial information are not obligated to protect you, and can disclose if you have falsified data. 

Failing to Contact a Lawyer

Being accused of tax fraud can be stressful and intimidating, and it’s understandable that you may feel worried about what to do. Discuss your case with a tax fraud lawyer and they will be able to handle your situation with care. Have them communicate with the IRS on your behalf. You can count on a top lawyer to protect your rights. Reach out to a top tax fraud lawyer now if you require legal assistance related to tax fraud.