Car Accident Lawyer

While cycling is an often enjoyable exercise, you are at risk of injury when biking in roadways. However, as long as you obey the law, you are relatively safe. Unfortunately, you can only control your actions and decisions, so while you may abide by the traffic laws carefully, other motorists may not be as cautious. This discrepancy between a driver and cyclist may cause a disastrous reaction, resulting in injury if not something worse. As the cyclist in this situation, you probably have questions about damages and loss recovery, especially as it relates to insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance will undoubtedly take care of medical expenses, minus deductibles, but what about auto insurance? Is there still a way to make a claim despite being on a bicycle at the time of the accident? Yes. Most insurance policies will cover a variety of damages resulting from a wreck between a car and a bike. Although, the involvement of a vehicle is typically mandatory. Also, if using your own insurance, coverage may require the previous purchase of personal injury protection. However, if you are not in a no-fault state and the driver is at fault, then you may seek damages from their insurer or them directly through litigation or mediation.


While potentially rectifying, a lawsuit is not always the best option, depending on the situation. The ultimate responsibility for the accident depends on evidence, not speculation. Can you prove that the cause of the collision was not your fault? Is there reason to believe the driver was negligent? If there are no witnesses and no reliable or viable evidence to support your claim that the accident was the fault of the motorist, then the chances of a favorable trial or mediation outcome are slim.

Hiring an experienced law firm can help because they will typically have private investigators on staff or retainer who can look into your accident. Also, for the firms specializing in car accidents, they may have several experts on call willing to review evidence.

A bicycle and automobile collision will often result in the cyclist’s injury. While some states leave the injured party little recourse other than their insurance policies, other states allow for causality and blame to lie with one party. Though some accidents are unavoidable, the injured party should have a way to recover their losses, especially when suffering injury because of the negligence of another. If you are seeking restitution after experiencing a collision with an automobile, then contact a local car accident attorney to discuss legal recourse.

Source: Woodland Hills Car Accident Lawyer, Barry P. Goldberg