Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists have a bad reputation. They are stereotyped as bullies and reckless individuals. However, every motorcycle owner is different and likely knows the increased risks associated with bikes and auto accidents. Riders who survive auto collisions without injury are few. In fact, many motorcyclists don’t escape accidents with their lives. Therefore, it is understandable when insurance for motorcycles is relatively high compared to automobiles. However, it can be disheartening for bikers who survive an accident to realize the difficulties of filing a successful insurance claim after an accident.

Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Pay

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and while the premise of protecting your interests is nice in theory, no insurance company wants to dish out money for claims willingly. Therefore, the claims process is often a bureaucratic nightmare of providing proof of injury, damage, loss and various forms of verification. Unfortunately, even those motorcyclists that jump through the seemingly limitless number of hoops and paperwork end up with declined claims requests, which is why hiring an experienced law firm and an attorney may be in your best interests.

Lawyers Have Experience in the Claims Process

While many people assume that personal injury attorneys are more focused on filing suits against single parties or businesses, the truth is that many cases are against insurance companies for refusing legitimate claims. Therefore, despite perceived reputations, many motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced with the claims process and understand whether you have a legitimate grievance or not.

Personal Injury Lawyers Don’t Make Money Unless You Do

Additionally, beyond having experience with insurance claim lawsuits, these personal injury attorneys often work on contingency, meaning that they only receive payment if you win or settle your case. Therefore, fear of court costs or evidentiary expenses should not deter you from filing if you feel your insurance provider has wronged you. However, don’t pursue a case without the full support of a lawyer. If an attorney advises you against legal action, then it likely means that you do not have a strong case.

Motorcycle insurance is supposed to cover damages and injury, which is why people are willing to pay for the coverage. However, there are times where insurance companies wrongly deny a claim, leaving motorcyclist little recourse other than legal action. If you have experienced a claim denial and feel strongly about your case, then contact a motorcycle accident attorney to discuss the grounds of your denial and whether you have enough to move forward with legal action.