Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents at the Pool

During the summer, many people like to take advantage of the hot weather and spend a lot of their time by the pool. While splashing around in a pool is a great way to cool off and have fun, it can also present slipping hazards. Many people go to the hospital every summer because they suffered slip and fall accidents at the pool. Slip and falls can lead to head injuries, broken bones and other serious injuries. Premises liability lawyers give some tips on how to avoid slip and fall accidents at the pool.

Don’t Run Around Pools

The pavement around pools tend to be very slick or slippery. That’s why you should never run or walk too fast around pools. The faster you move, the more likely you are to slip and hurt yourself. If you walk slowly with smaller steps, you can reduce your chances of slipping and falling. If you have children, you should also warn them about the dangers of running around pools.

Wear the Right Shoes

When you are walking around a pool, the the type of shoes you have on your feet matters greatly. While flip-flops may be comfortable easy to put on, they’re not that safe to wear around the pool. Instead, wear shoes with soles that can grip to the ground.

Know Your Surroundings

It’s also important to constantly be aware of your surroundings around a pool. Be aware of big puddles and items, such as pool toys, and stay away from those areas. If you are a guest at someone’s pool, you should notify them immediately of excessive wet areas or other hazards.

Use Handrails

If there are handrails around the pool you are at, you should take advantage of them. They can help you keep your balance around slippery areas and prevent you from falling and injuring yourself.

Filing a Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit

If you suffered a slip and fall accident at a pool because of the property owner’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. It’s important to schedule a consultation with an experienced premises liability lawyer to discuss your legal options. An experienced premises liability lawyer can help you file a timely claim, gather the necessary evidence, negotiate with insurance companies and protect your legal rights.

During your first consultation with a premises liability lawyer, remember to bring your medical records any other documents pertaining to your accident. You should also be prepared to answer several questions about your case, such as where and when the accident occurred and what types of injuries you sustained.

We understand how difficult it can be to suffer a slip and fall accident and want to help you get justice.Premises liability lawyers have helped many slip and fall accident victims in the past and can assist you.

Source: Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Queens, NY, Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C.

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