Why Do You Need an Attorney?

No one likes to get hurt, but it can be especially difficult if your injury occurred due to someone else’s actions. Luckily, the law states that anyone who is injured by another person has the right to be compensated for the injury. Most of the time, a personal injury lawsuit is the appropriate way to claim the compensation you are due. You have probably heard that it is absolutely essential to hire an attorney. This claim is true, but why is it the case? Can you get by without an attorney?

Why You Need an Attorney

  • It is very, very difficult to represent yourself. It may seem like it is not too hard, but there are hundreds of little things that you would have no idea how to do. For you to have any real chance of winning your case, you would need to present your argument correctly and follow court proceedings precisely. If you are not familiar with how a courtroom carries on, it would be difficult for you to know what is expected of you at each step.
  • Additionally, judges usually get quite frustrated when someone chooses to represent themselves. It slows the process down and forces the judge to explain him or herself in extra detail. If there is anyone you want to like you, it is the judge.
  • An attorney will not only be able to guide you through the process, but make competent arguments on your behalf. There are very specific requirements arguments must meet in order to be considered valid in the court’s eyes, so you cannot simply state your case and hope it meets these requirements. It takes years of law school to fully understand this aspect.
  • Finally, being in the courtroom is very intimidating. It is hard to stay unbiased when you are involved in a court case. This is why even lawyers usually choose to hire an attorney to represent them.

Hiring an Attorney

If you choose not to hire an attorney, but change your mind once you realize how difficult it is to represent yourself, it is not too late to hire a legal professional. The judge will be happy to allow it in nearly all cases because it will speed the case along. You simply need to ask permission of the judge. If the case is too close to its conclusion, however, the request may be denied. This is just another reason why it is best to hire an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from Wieand Law Firm, as soon as possible.

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