What to Expect If You’re in a Lyft Accident

What to Expect If You’re in a Lyft Accident

Ridesharing options for getting around town can come with a lot of benefits: they’re easily available, require little advance notice and can keep you from getting behind the wheel when you shouldn’t be driving. However, things can get complicated if you’re involved in an accident with rideshare, such as Lyft, whether it’s as another driver or a passenger. Below is a basic compilation of the differences between rideshares and taxis and how they affect your claim following an accident.

Contracted Drivers

Unlike taxis, which are driven by hired employees in company vehicles, Lyft and other ridesharing operators work with contracted drivers who use their personal vehicles as means of transport. Since they are not true employees of the company, it is often best to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance if his or her negligence is what caused the accident.

Filing a Claim

When filing a claim with the driver’s own insurance, you must still go through the regular avenues that you would if the accident had been with another private vehicle. This includes proving that the driver acted carelessly and caused the crash, and that you received losses and/or injuries that require rightful compensation.

However, this is only if the driver was off the Lyft clock when the accident occurred. If he or she was on the clock, then the vehicle no longer falls under the category of personal use, which is what private insurance covers. Your claim likely won’t go through if this is the case, and you’ll have to turn to the ridesharing company’s insurance.

When Lyft Insurance Applies 

Lyft insurance covers any accidents during the time the driver was on the clock up to the point of dropping off a passenger (e.g. the driver is logged into the Lyft app, on the way to pick up a passenger or driving a passenger to his or her destination). The rates vary depending on what stage of the ride you are in, as an accident with a driver who is simply logged into the app can get you between $25,000 and $100,000 in damages, while an accident when the driver has accepted a fare can get you up to $1 million from Lyft.

It can be a challenging road to gather evidence and prove you deserve rightful compensation after your accident with a rideshare driver, especially with companies as enormous as Lyft. A Car Accident Lawyer Central Phoenix, AZ, can be your best bet in gaining the proper knowledge of the laws in your state and anything else you’ll need to win your claim.

Thank you to the experts at Kamper Estrada, LLP for their input into what to do if you’re in a Lyft accident.

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