Car Accident Lawyer Rockland County, NY

If you were involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries to yourself or others, you should contact medical care through 911 right away. You should then reach out to a car accident lawyer such as the ones available at Greenspan& Greenspan PC to help with your case, as the more people who were injured, the more complex the case is going to be.

If your vehicle damage was minor or your injuries were minor, then some of the most common questions are very easy and quick to answer. When there is only minor property damage and injuries, when you talk to a car accident lawyer they tell you it is not practical to hire them. This is because there is no big settlement, you are simply trying to get the funds to repair your car. Furthermore if the only damage was to your car your injuries are extremely minor then you’re probably not missing work, very likely do not have crushing medical debt and do not need a large settlement or a lawyer to fight your case for you.

However if you do find that you need further assistance with your case, a car accident lawyer is going to be able to help you negotiate a settlement. But let’s talk about what you need to do after the accident has occurred while you are still on scene.

Should I call the police?

After an accident most car accident laws in many states require that you call the police. You should contact emergency enforcement by the quickest means if there is an injury to somebody involved, if somebody has died, or if property damages totaled $500 or more. In most states this is actually a misdemeanor if you do not contact law enforcement, and is not going to take a lot of damage at current repair costs to exceed the minimum.

Sometimes all parties involved may decide not to involve the police and while this appears to be time saving, the police provide a very valuable investigator’s resource that you should use. It is important to have a police report so that if you decide to go to court later you have that report from an established law professional in their opinion on the accident.

What should I do until the police arrive? 

You need to understand that your first responsibility is to find out if anybody was injured or has died, and to call the appropriate medical personnel if needed. Furthermore I usually exchange information as required by your state’s law, with the parties who are involved in the accident. This is going to be your name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, license plate, automobile insurance company, and policy number.

Should I move my car before the police arrive?

It is better not to move your car after an accident because it makes the police’s investigation much easier, some states may actually prohibit stranded vehicles from being on the main travel portion of Highway, so if you can move your car  then you may have to move your car to allow traffic to move on.