Whether you are throwing a birthday party, wedding reception, family reunion, anniversary celebration, sweet 16 party, Bar Mitzvah, or a gender reveal celebration you want people to have a great time. While all these parties celebrate things, they still all require the same elements so that everyone can enjoy themselves. 

You want a venue that meets your needs. 

It sounds simple, but there is a lot that you need to consider when picking out a venue. The first question is whether it is large enough to accommodate all your guests. If your party will have 100 guests and you plan on being inside the whole time, booking a venue with a capacity of 100 might feel cramped. Do you plan on dancing? If so, think about where the dance floor will be in relation to the seating. A banquet hall, can offer you a great space for people to get sweaty on the dance floor while others mingle on the periphery and still feel a part of the action. 

Find a DJ who will rock the house. 

If you are hiring the DJ to play music at your event, make sure that they have the songs or type of music you want them to play. Some DJs operate off of set lists and aren’t flexible about adding new music, or will tell you they like to go off the energy of the crowd. This can be great if you don’t have an opinion and want someone else to make the music decisions for you. However, if you have specific requests make sure you communicate that before the event. 

Select food that fits the party. 

Selecting food for a birthday party can be a lot different than choosing what to serve at a wedding reception. Are the guests mostly adults or will there be children present? Do any of your guests have known food allergies or dietary restrictions? To play it safe, it is always wise to have a vegetarian option and some non-allergan options to serve at the party. You should also consider whether people are going to sit down to eat or will be moving around and mingling. If people are going to be on their feet, you don’t want to serve foods that require them to walk around with a large plate trying to eat. How long will your party be? Make sure you provide enough food that guests don’t go hungry.